Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Things past

You never know what you have until you lose it. That said, I've been reminiscing on certain things. Like how fast time flies sometimes, and how slowly it creeps by other times. I remember snippets of my life which comes in short flashes. So, I've compiled a list of things I miss, things I've sometimes taken for granted and things that are so sweet and syrupy, I will never forget to remember....
I miss :
  • the blissful innocence of being a child. Where the world's one big playground, to be explored, reveled in, everything is new and magical and monsters only exist underneath your beds.
  • the wonder of new discoveries. Everyday is filled with new discoveries, but as you grow older, you get more and more jaded. Nothing beats the first time.
  • the drive and well, unwillful determination of going to school everyday. The crazy things we have the liberty to indulge in just because we are holders of the title "students" and 'teenagers'
  • passing notes around in class right under the teacher's nose. It's the suspense and thrill of knowing you can be caught anytime that makes it even more exciting. Clandestine and a relief from extremely boring 'lectures'
  • staying up late to chat and talk about everything and nothing at all. All the while knowing that you're going to be nothing more than a panda-eyed zombie the next morning but still indulging because temptations are too sweet to resist.
  • not having serious responsibilities and yet given a few just so you feel a little more grown up eventhough being 'grown-up' entails more weighty decisions than choosing what to wear and deciding whom to be and not be friends with.
  • running around and playing without a care for anything else. To be childish and be excused simply because, well, you're nothing more than a child at that period of time.
  • waking up daily when the sky's still pitch black and missing my bed whilst cursing the alarm clock for being so relentless and efficient, but yet yearning to go to school just to meet my friends and mock and laugh at the teachers though we still respect them..= p
  • having someone spoon feed me..not in the literal sense of the word, as in telling me point for point what to do.
  • taking things at face value without doubting it. Never having to evaluate and re-think something twice because I haven't turned into the cynic I rather am right now.
  • being able to confide in my teddy without someone thinking I've more than a few loose screws.


Henry Yew said...

Hello, Joanna. Just here to say hi!

Maverick said...

Hi, Joanna, Jared here; remember me? Just thought I'd drop by via Henry and tell you what a nice blog you have here... haha.

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See you around sometime!

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