Sunday, March 05, 2006

Musik !

If music be the food of on. Famous words quoted by the equally famous Shakespeare.
At last, today, I started playing the guitar. Urm ,I meant learning to play. It is undeniably a painful art to master. And I really mean painful. At the end of an hour, my fingers are so sore, typing this entry ain't no mean feat, my wrist seems to want to stay in this perpetually twisted state and my back is hurting. When I told Josh the guru extraordinaire this, he very tonelessly stated.."You have bad posture"..umm...o.k. Anyway, I now realise how much skill is needed in order to master playing the guitar. I've always been in love with the Latin guitar. It's sultry tone,sexy melody and romantic feel is just too hard not to fall head over ears in love with. Now, I think I'll just stick to listening instead of ever learning. Before I even started playing, Josh gave me a tip."You have to wait till your fingertips turn leathery and peel before you can actually play well.." Gee.. Thanks bro. What a comforting thought. Just like that time when i wanted to learn how to ride a bike and he said "you have to fall before you learn to ride." Talk about moral support.

So, a little insight on how I fared today. I learnt three chords. C,G and D. The three most basic chords according to Josh. Much to my chagrin, I couldn't even master these three. I think a duck with it's webby feet would be able to change chords faster than me. Even a tortoise would be faster than me. I'm like..ok,first string, second finger, second string, third finger, third string....ahh..i.can' a bit of wrestling and more twisting of my wrist i manage to weakly press down the third string. Pleased, I take a strum, only to be greeted by this really unpleasant twang that doesn't sound at all like the chord it's supposed to be. Well, at least I was close. :P Anyway, at the rate I'm playing, the only songs I'll be able to play are gonna be lullabies. Really, really really s..l...o...w...lullabies.

That said, I'm going to go wreck havoc with my trusty guitar....

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