Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shaggy Shaggy

Haha, I haven't blogged the last two days. There's a plethora of reasons behind this, with laziness being the main contributor but I shall not go into that right now. I was forced to wake up early this morning, had to get my braces fixed by my dentist.The visit wasn't that bad, if you ignore the fact that he almost dug my eye-balls out. Today's visit was probably one of the most seat-gripping visits of all time. Throughout the whole 11 minutes, I was holding onto the seat and praying for mercy. It's really not because I was undergoing some major surgery or anything. It was just that he was well, short-sighted maybe, or his arms weren't that long. So, when he was twisting the arch-wire, he held the wire, and his super-sharp-pierce-my-eyes-out utensils like centimetres away from my face. And, suddenly he slipped ! Gosh, I closed my eyes and prayed for dear life ! Luck was on my side, and the tweezers missed my face by a hair's breath...Phew! Anyway, I was informed that I had to return for a second adjustment later this afternoon..Sigh, looks like my encounters with Dr.Lim's tweezers aren't over for the day yet.

It was love at first sight. My heart did this little plunging, fluttery thing and I couldn't help but sigh everytime I saw him. With his woe-be-gone, melting soft chocolate eyes and charismatic character. He was enigmatic, smart and oh-so-cute ! A heartbreaker. A true-blue,born to be, chick magnet! Who's this new guy in my life? None other that the star of Shaggy Dog, ole- Shaggy himself ! In case I haven't been obvious enough, I watched Shaggy Dog yesterday. My take? It was just mediocre, nothing fantastic really. While I appreciated the uber-cuteness of the dog, whose real name is Cole by the way, the storyline was kinda cliche really, with a few laughs packed in between.The story spins off with the regular too-busy-to-come-home dad scenario. where the whole family seems to be slowly 'crumbling'...kids think that the parents are going to get a divorce bla bla..then through some weird out-of-this-world genetic mix-up, Dad turns into a dog. Doggy Dad then tries to go save the world or in this case, a few genetically messed-up animals. Among them, a bullfrog...i don't mean the ordinary bullfrog bullfrog, I mean a real merge between a bulldog and a frog..or toad...or something. So, we had a leaping, barking, slimy, tongue-lolling creature that resembled neither dog nor frog. The chimp in sunglasses was super cute too. The rest of the day passed by uneventfully enough. By the way, I tried the McD Veggie Burger yesterday. Alright, I know it's like extremely late to give a 'review'.. but I have to say this. "veggies never tasted so good"..the ad was sooooo right ! mmmmmm....slurp.

Day's observation: Everyone's behaving a little on the mad side today. Must be the hike in petrol prices, or the hot weather, or the fact that now that you can't eat chickens and beef, the general population is suffering from serious withdrawal syndromes. Now, who was that again who predicted that eating too much meat and depending too much on meat is going to result in a global catastrophe? Alright, maybe I've exaggerated a bit too much there. Anyway, right now, I'm listening to 'gomenasai' by Tatu. Man, I love that song !
Well, I think I've crapped my bit for today already. I've got to go get ready for my dental appointment. Maybe this time I'l bring along one of those football helmets or goggles. Yea. on the safe side. Wish me luck !
Adieus !

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