Sunday, March 26, 2006

From baby wheelers to four wheelers

The toil is partially over and now comes the fun part. The time has finally arrived and I'm all set to go behind the wheels. Nevermind the fact that I'm practically the last, if not, one of the last among my friends to get my driving license.

Anyway, today I had my first ever lesson behind the wheel. It was scary at first, and deeply reassuring that my instructor had brakes on his side of the car. Saved us from turning into squished flesh. I was surprised when he took me to the stadium to drive around and not to the driving school as I thought he would. Being around more adept drivers was intimidating to say the least. There were more than a few times when I came really close to grazing some other innocent's car. Seems I have bad control of the steering wheel among other more pressing matters. Whatever it is, after literally going round in circles for around 40 minutes, my instructor asked me "so, I think you've got the hang of it right? Good, let's proceed to the road." Goodness gracious, there I was, hardly having any control of a car, albeit a small and light one, and he was going to unleash me on the road? I mean, I'm a hazard, a danger, a small slip of a girl who knows close to nothing to driving.

So, there I was, crawling along the road while other bigger, meaner cars whizzed by. It was rather exhilirating actually. After I gained more confidence, I sped up a bit. Much to my instructors chagrin I fear, for he was always telling me "slow down, slow down", then he was mumbling something about how dangerous it is for them to bring new drivers on the road and yada yada. Ha ha. One memorable incident would have to be when I accidentally went up a curb and I heard my instructor mumble " my poor car" under his breath. The worst thing is, I don't really understand Cantonese, and sadly, my instructor speaks little else. So, for the most part, I was just guessing what he said. Which is bad, since I only understood like half of what he said and I had to make up the rest. I think he realised, since I hadn't an iota of an idea when he said "turn left" in Cantonese, and I couldn't understand. Man, I need a crash course. In Cantonese, not driving. Forgive the pun, it was unintended. By the by,it's funny how little respect some people have. The whole ride through, he was muttering something about women drivers while I was sitting beside him. Poor thing, didn't he ever learn that you should never offend the driver? Particularly if she's more of a feminist than anything else? Your life is at stake, for Pete's sake. I mean, alright, in all fairness, women do drive less agressively and less attentively, but that doesn't mean that ALL are like that...hmm....I shall not dwell on that and save that morsel of thought for some later entry.

Oh, besides that, I watched Underworld 2 yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I had earlier envisioned it to be, and Kate Beckinsale sure looked good throughout. I'm pretty reluctant to say this, but it was kind of worth watching. Ha ha, sorry Kim.

I've got to sign out now. I've got another lesson tomorrow morning. So, you drivers out there, if you see a white Kancil being driven by a be-spectacled girl who'll probably be looking as if she's trying to understand what her instructor's yabbering about, steer clear. It's only for your own good. Trust me.

Nites !

ps: maybe I'll come up with more 'pointful' entries sometime in the future. My brain's just been to comfortable staying in hibernation mode and I'm too lazy to wake it up.

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