Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Hardest Words

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.......I find it hard to agree with Sir Elton John there. To me, goodbye should take top-placing on the list of hardest words. Weird eh? how 7 letters can mean so much and bear so much weight? I'm never one to deal well with goodbyes. Oh, I remember all the leg-clinging fuss I pulled when my parents wanted to send me off to pre-school kindergarten. Now, all grown-up and half a lady, I still experience that heart-tugging thing. I'm sentimental, yea. Anyway, today's one of those days, when the sky doesn't look so blue and time whizzes by although u beg it desperately to go slow. I loathe it. But life goes on, it's no point standing there and waiting for things to take place. Anyway, from tomorrow onwards, I hope time flies past. I hope it doesn't excrutiate me by dragging by like a million-legged caterpillar. So, I've devised a plan. I'm going to busy myself immersing myself in stuff that would mercilessly rob me of the chance to sit down and look at how time passes. Maybe I'll be better when the time comes. Besides, I need to oil those rusted gears of mine ! haha..I've still got my Add. Maths books stashed sumwhere..Man, I'm going nuts..I bought a copy of Cleo today. One of the things I never really do. So, I'm going to go read through it and ooh and aah over whatever girly stuff they have splurged all over those super glossy pages. That's me when insanity strikes.

Anyway, I'm not really in the mood to pour out too many things here. Today's been weird. I'm strained, mentally. It was nice meeting up with a childhood friend, to look back at all those things we used to do together. Lol, but it ain't the end of anything. The sun will definitely shine brighter tomorrow. And to all who will be leaving for the second batch of NS, best of luck to you. May this experience open more opportunities for the future and most of all HAVE FUN !!
nites !

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