Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Final Destination

Today was the day i had to face the inevitable. To re-enact memories and feelings I wanted very much to forget. But much to my surprise, today didn't turn out as bad as I had envisioned it to be. In fact, I had a very enjoyable and memorable time. Thanks to the company of a few good friends.

I played bowling for the first time today. If it was anything, my pathetic attempts at throwing a 6 pound ball at a bunch of stationary pins was laughable. It's just that prior to this, I have always been contented at standing at the sidelines, watching other people bowl. Basically, this is a dissertation of my very first game.
Heart thumping and stomach doing the jiggly, I grip the ball in my hand. I take the few steps to the line and pray with all my might that i don't let the ball slip backwards. Taking a deep breath, I give the ball a heft and throw it. The poor ball hits the floor with a mighty thump and much to my delight, actually starts rolling. Rolling, rolling, rolling and into the drain ! Sigh, looks like i need tons more of ball-thudding practices. So far, I've been a pretty sharp shot....and i possess perfect aiming too. I always seem to be able to aim for the drain. No kidding..

Anyway, went to watch Final Destination 3 too. When Kim told me we were going to watch that movie, I was so tempted to back out. It's no big secret that I'm a chicken at heart. I mean, I can't even go out into the hall when it's dark for fear of meeting some 'visitors'. Haha, I am exactly that imaginative. So, I put on a brave front while vigilantly praying that I wouldn't scream out loud. Though morbid, the movie was kinda thrilling. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out how the next victim was going to meet his/her inevitably gruesome death. The common trait amongst them, they all died accompanied by this uber gross squishy sound, rather like the sound an orange emits when you squeeze it..

That said, I think I'll take an early nightcap today. I'm like this little kid who's been out to play all day, and now, when the fun is over, my eyelids are drooping while more adventures await me in sleep, where dreams often come true.

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