Thursday, September 29, 2011

Of hypocrites and rainbows

I don't want to make this space of mine a section to rant and grumble, but it's been a tough few weeks and just when I'm about to burst at the seams, I see the faint beginnings of a rainbow. 

Maybe this is a lesson for me to learn. A sort of 'toughening' to go through. And a reminder to be grateful regardless of the circumstances and know that He is God. I'm grateful for angels who'll stand by me and am deeply touched by their relentless support. 

Thank the Lord for gem friends and sisters :) 

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out - Walter Winchell

Are you looking for a room for rent ?

If anything, the past week has taught me an invaluable lesson and it’s definitely one that’ll remain imprinted in my memory for years to come. I’d just terminated my rental contract, and was in the middle of transitioning from one place to the other when lo and behold, disaster struck. The new place is currently under renovation and will not be ready for at least another month. Right now, bunking and having ‘extended sleepovers’ with friends remains the only available option.

Living out of boxes and suitcases really isn’t all that fun so I sit here wishing that I had planned way ahead in advance of my move. Sites like are awesome for seeking out short term or temporary rooms for rent. The available rooms are categorized according to areas and postcode zones so it’s pretty easy for you to narrow down your selections to a relevant few. Easy site navigation lets you achieve your target in no time at all so your accommodation worries can be settled as soon as possible.

In fact, if you’re planning to go on vacation, you could go on iBilik and seek out potential rooms for rent. There are options for short term rentals in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, so you can smooth out the wrinkles in your vacation plans. This is also an awesome site to head to if you’re looking for a room when you’re relocating from one part of the city to another. Both tenants and prospective landlords now have a better way of advertising room vacancies and best of all, you get the flexibility to do all these without having to go to the actual site itself when you’re narrowing down possible options. Believe you  me, the hassle of being stuck in a bottomless pit of desperation due to accommodation mix-ups will definitely dampen your mood and fresh enthusiasm.