Thursday, March 16, 2006

Life's rollercoaster

wow, it's sure been some time since i last blogged. The last few days have been tumultous, to say the least. There were ups and downs and highs and twists and chaos all rolled up into one messy, memorable goob of a ride. Anxiety-driven sleepless night preceded joy-borned sleepless nights. Although they both result in panda-like eyebags, i seriously prefer the latter.

Enough on all that. The recent events that took part in my life can only be described as surreal and dream-like. Anyway, on to another topic.

I went for my driving theory test, and passed without any colours. Haha, then I had to set an appointment for a 6 hour 'course'. The 'course' entailed a 3 hour talk delivered through a tv set, which cackled and blurred and jerked grudgingly through it all. Well, of course, the whole thing was 'administered' by some guy. But for all he did, they should have placed a robot there instead. Maybe that's what modernisation and technology results in. Humans just stand on the sidelines and watch in awe as machines take over their jobs. The good thing is, I stole a few minutes and a few seconds here and there of sleep. But I was in for a shock when the lecturer suddenly said..."I'm going to ask each of you two questions, if u can't answer me, u'll have to stand till 12pm"...oh man. I was mentally going shoot shoot shoot i'm dead. Surprisingly, he veered off topic and started muttering something else and somehow he forgot about his questionnaire. Talk about a miracle. Phew..By the way, the class only consisted of a pathetic number of 6 participants. 3 girls and 3 guys. And, we were forced to sit right in front of him. Like 20cm away from him. To add to that, the room was sooooo cold, I thought I was taking a 'torture-cation' in Alaska.

So, after 3 grueling hours, we were released ! Then i had to go meet my instructor. The problem : I haven't even seen him before in my entire life. How in the world was I to look out for someone whom I haven't even met ? So, there I was, standing around. Now I know how those animals in petshops feel. Imagine loafing around while waiting for someone you haven't met to pick you up. Anyway, suddenly and elderly man grabs me by the arm and asks me to follow him into the office. My first thought? I don't know you, stop arm-grabbing me ! When he realised I wouldn't budge, he gave me a God-help-me-why-do-i-have-to-get-this-idiot look and grabbed the piece of paper I was holding in my hand. Looking at the paper, he mumbled something I couldn't make out and told me to wait for him in the canteen.

After an hour of eating air, my instructor started teaching me the various parts of the car. And, he only speaks chinese, so i only understood like half of what he said..sigh, imagine if we were on the road and he starts saying sumthing, and I'll be like...huh??...oh man. I can just picture the whole thing..The instructor would be waving his arms madly and i'll be panicking. Hmmmm...*thoughtful frown*
Well, whatever it is, I got to play around with the gears and pedals. Felt like a kid really, haha, but i reveled in all kiddy shamelessness.

I guess that does it for the day.

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Fiona said...

hey jo! just feel like leaving a comment to reading your entries..they are interesting..