Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Unfinished business

Will be leaving for KL (again!!), this time to attend a series of lectures and seminars in preparation for UK. The schedule is packed and grueling but I've brought along some books to while the time away when I'm not paying attention ... shhh. So you won't be seeing me around till Friday whence I'll be once again reunited with my love Streamyx (I know Senor Streamyx can sometimes be a pain in the neck, but like they say, beggars can't be choosers ... so I love him all the same! )

P.s : I have got to stop talking in parentheses. And I have to start blogging properly. Apologies for the brevity, proper posts up soon when I find myself with little else to entertain me safe for Englishmen with yummy accents. Ooh... and maybe this weekend I'll be baking something !! I have a few things lined up...eggplant muffins anyone?? Heh heh , we'll see if I have my mum's DNA. By the by, do read this. When I grow up, I'd be proud to have just half your strength little Harley!!

Till Friday,

Au revoir


smallkucing said...

May you have a good week, Joanna.

Wow...baking? looking forward to see the result :p

suituapui said...

Going to the UK? Oooo...so nice! *green with envy! KL has WirelessKL, can go online...but of course, slow lah - since it's free. Just log in and register!

owl_order said...

got everything ready? camera? clothes? recipe? book for the flight?

enjoy KL while you can =D

Joanna said...

Kathy : hehe, yup baking! i hope the results come out yummy :p

STP: yup, will be going in June :) aw, don't be green, i'll share pics :p Urgh, WirelessKL is never nice to me. Totally impossible to log in. Leeching off my fren's wifi at home now though :p

WenQi: Check! Check! Check! I'm all set....now let's pray i passed the last sem *touches wood crosses fingers