Thursday, December 27, 2007

Till We Meet Again

What does one do when one's beloved pet is called home?

No words can be great enough to express the feelings of loss and grief.

On the 27th of December 2007, you decided to go back where you came from. You were more of a family member than a pet, more a friend than a guardian, You were fiercely loyal, amusingly funny, amazingly smart and comfortingly close whenever we needed you. We have no doubt that you would have gladly laid down your life to protect any of us at any time.

I shall always regret the fact that I never got to say goodbye. Now, there wouldn't be anyone to fight for the door with me ever again, nor will there be the four legged baby waiting to be tickled. Never will there be another so eager for a tummy rub, nor wlll there be another who pulls off mischief while managing to look innocently adorable at the same time. You were the lion guarding the gates but to me, I'll always always see the puppy no larger than a tiny ball of fur, whose feet could transform into a speed machine to rival that of the latest Ferrari, who, even at that first few tentative moments managed to wriggle a large large place in all our hearts.

I now seek comfort in knowing that all dogs go to heaven. You were deviously handsome but deep down you were that special angel that God sometimes sends along to us mortals and though you're no longer here with us, the memory of your clownish antics will continue to evoke whimsical smiles. and the years of steadfast companionship will keep its dam of memories forever and always.

Till we meet again....
Lots of love.