Saturday, October 21, 2006

Updates on life

Well, I'm back. After a seemingly long absence. Not that I think anyone has missed my crapping here. Anyway, the holidays have breezed past and the second semester kicked off to a start last week. The first week has been somewhat........eventful.

Boy, the holidays have certainly made me somewhat addled, if I may say so. I'm getting pretty rusty. Especially in writing. Formally. Yesterday, we were asked to write an essay for English, it was a free-topic essay, nothing less than 350 words. ( Great, just the kind I 'love' ) Anyway, in a state of extreme rustiness and creakiness, I took a painful 20 minutes to think of something to write about. After eliminating topics like My Brother, My House, My family, My Dog, My Cat and the likes, I finally settled on something I titled ' Dancing with Danger '. It took me almost an hour and a half just to complete the darn essay. To think of how we had to finish essays in 45 minutes last time, times that seem like eons ago now.

First class of English passed by uneventfully. As usual, we were asked to introduce ourselves and tell little bits about ourselves. When it came to my turn, I ran out of things to talk about after stating how many siblings I have. So the lecturer, after taking extreme pity with my seeming plight asked me..."So, tell us, what's so special about Ipoh?" To which my befuddled brain only managed to choke up " It's urm....urm....urm..quiet !...ya quiet ! " *nods head in the affirmative* And then there was this little voice in my head that went " Well, great going gal, so is Timbuktu. " When the lecturer asked me whether that's all I have to say, I sank gratefully down back in my seat. Ah well, that just goes to prove I don't think that well on my feet when part of my mind's still stuck somewhere else.

Yesterday, we boarded the wrong bus from college to get to the LRT station. The mortifying thing of all was the driver was snickering at us. Openly !. From my seat I could see his bushy moustache twitching. Gosh, to think that we wasted a precious 20 minutes and 60 cents just to go for a joy ride round the area. It was pretty humiliating to step down again from the bus at the same spot where we were picked up.

Well, if the last week was a glimpse and a mere prelude to what we can expect from the next sem, I think we're heading on an interesting ride. I guess that's all I can think about for the moment, forgive me but I've squeezed out every last drop of 'inspiration juice' while attempting yesterday's essay. For now, toodles!