Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The end and the new beginning

Like every other normal day, the clock has struck 12. The only distinction this time is that we'll no longer be flippin the pages of last year's calender. It is 2008 today. How surreal it is that in the difference of a minute we are leaving behind a whole year and taking the first steps into the next year. Will it be promising? Will there be pots of gold to seek at the ends of rainbows? Will there be heartache and sorrow? Will there be big changes and will we be able to learn at the end of this new born year?

New year's resolutions have been made and hopefully adhered to, new hopes and promises have been secretly stashed and the new year has dawned cheery and sunny. My finals are coming nearer and nearer to me and thus, here I am wishing all a Happy New Year and may this new year bring buckets of health and happiness to you.