Monday, August 22, 2011

This restless feeling

I've spent the past few days, weeks in fact trying to shake off this restless recklessness within me. And then I read the papers, and there's nothing but unrest , disruption of peace, stifled freedom. 

For now I thank the Lord for the people in my life. 
The people who have cast little beams in my grey-blue skies. 
And this song.

Greater things are yet to come
Greater things are yet to be done 

Monday, August 01, 2011

In pursuit of


The word sits lightly on one's tongue, and leaves a smile with the final syllable. Yet it's something so elusive, often hard to attain and so fleeting when it deigns to delight one with its presence. Still we all strive to capture it, probably package it in see through bottles with pretty polka-dotted ribbons, at least my version looks like that ...

I've come to realize that really, happiness is all around us. It just depends on knowing where to look and what to see ..  My little bottles are filled with :

  • Music. Country, rock n roll, gospel. Sing me a tune and I'll tap my feet. 
  • Stories. Fiction, non-fiction. I'm a collector
  • Food. Gastronomic ecstasy
  • Awesome company. Late nights laughing till bellies ache
  • Love. Caring. Sharing
  • Stumbling upon Gratitude in the randomest things ... 
  • And this song :