Sunday, March 28, 2010

Single, Double, Triple

What do you do when days go blue ? For me, I turn to the ever steady, ever comforting arms of music. Today, I decided to go bury my ears in a truckload of ABBA.

Maybe you should take a chance on them ...

Love the quirky dance.

Funniest. Song. Ever.... le sigh

Need I elucidate ? .... =)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Slipping through my fingers

I have a question : Does anyone else out there find that time is just slipping away so quickly, so sneakily that you can never never catch up with it ? Oh , if only I could survive on 2 hours sleep (none at all would be better ... ) 

I had so many things lined up for this break of mine, but somehow things always turn out differently. Funny how you can plan all you want and the Big Guy up there goes ha ha ha. Not that I'm complaining because you have to do what you've gotta do, but I really miss quality time with my books, music and movies. :( 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Insanity is us

I think a lot of people would have read about the latest way to make a sale, or close a deal. You see, supermarkets tend to package stuff together when you get something. Buy one, free one. Isn't that what garners the most attention after all?

I wonder how many of you read the article in The Star, the one highlighting the desperate attempts of insurance agents, or companies to sell their premiums and hit quotas. Do go here for the complete article, but I just wanted to quote something that irked me so much when I read it. 

Sources told the newspaper that the female agents were recruited among divorcees, single mothers or those helping their boyfriends repay debts.

It baffles me how women, or at least some of them,  can be so idiotic when it comes to relationships. I really don't see why some of them would stoop so low and resort to these desperate measures just to get a little bit of money. Is your self worth, and dignity measured only by the number of premiums you sell? Worst of all, selling oneself to repay debts for boyfriends ?! I mean, ditch the guy, get a life, or just get a brain

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irksome letters

Distinction - the quality of being excellent , Cambridge Dictionary. It is sad to see that the day has come when getting a distinction no longer cuts it. We need to throw in the word SUPER for it to have more import, such is our self-esteem. 

This is going to be a long ranty post so if you're not in the mood for verbal diarrhea then here's a friendly advice to stop reading after this sentence.

I've bitten my tongue and kept my silence for far too long on this subject. You see, when I first heard about the change in the grading system for the SPM examinations, I thought my friend was joking because the entire notion of the change was absurd. If you don't know what I'm referring to, go here.

I mean, seriously, Super Distinction? Do we need that? Do we need students to have Super Distinctions in Pendidikan Moral but zero civic consciousness? Do we need students with Super Distinctions in Science and Math but care naught for cutting down on greenhouse gases or to find out more about green technologies and energy conservation? One wonders if this preoccupation for keeping up the best of appearances, showing off the best, unblemished cert and diploma, if this obsession with being kiasu is only an Asian thing. I once read a report on how developing nations were blamed for causing the most pollution in their quest to join the big players, due to their lower standards of awareness and sadly, education and it is sad that I can't stand up and offer a defense, because how does one fight the truth? 

We don't lack an excellent grading system, we lack a proper, holistic education. We need an education that encompasses an appreciation for World History, that the present generation will learn from the mistakes and be inspired by the triumphs of past generations , not a few chapters you memorize in your Sejarah textbooks. We need an education where children realize the importance of being Environmental Friendly, not merely taking part in campaigns to earn credits, all with the goal of obtaining a scholarship at the end of the day. We need an education where science and maths and art and literature all meld into a burning fireball of passion.

I know of parents who start off conversations with how well their children are doing in school, how many As they're getting and how many top schools are pining for their acceptance. To be proud of one's achievement is one thing, to motivate and encourage, a laudable course of action. Outright bragging on the other hand garners zero respect. After a while, all this marked lack of humility gets sickening. 

There is this new product in the market, a magic pen-like device that is able to 'read' out books for little children. It is sad to note that some parents these days no longer have the time to sit down and read with their children, choosing instead to delegate the 'chore' to flat, emotionless robotic voices. 

If I ever have a child, I would never want him or her to grow up thinking that an A- is lesser than an A and an A, lesser than an A+. Or for that matter that a B or even a C is a grade that's unworthy of praise and respect. I've seen people who start off with failing grades in English, who can hardly string together a coherent sentence in the language but with dedication and pure effort they finally grasp the language, and when they do speak in English, they speak it with a pride that none of us 'English educated' people will ever possess. It is them that I admire and take my hat off for, because at the end of the day what matters most is that you've given any task you pick up your utmost best, and you've garnered experiences and knowledge that will last you a lifetime.

Disclaimer : I'm not running down students with straight As, if they've worked hard for it, they deserve all due credit . It is just the misconception of 'success' that irks me so. Many of the world's greatest men got where they are today based on hard work, diligence and the right attitude, not a piece of paper. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marche at The Curve

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating - Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright. 

Le Boy and I decided to try out Marche at The Curve for dinner last weekend when I went down to KL. Marche is the first Swiss Fresh Market Restaurant in Malaysia and operates on a really interesting concept. No waitresses will come for your orders and food is ordered on a buffet-like basis. It was a fun change of environment, walking around 'shopping' for our food and we had a swell time just absorbing the homey atmosphere. The restaurant itself is large, with different sections decorated according to different themes. Staff were really friendly and courteous. So, without further ado, the food ! 

I had the Smoked Salmon Crepe (RM14.50). Very generous portion oozing yummy smoked salmon slivers. 

Le Boy had the Creamy Seafood Pasta (RM22.50 for large) . Mmm, the seafood was super fresh and there were thin slices of cucumber in the sauce, a rare ingredient to add to carbonara .. don't you think? 

Gluttons that we were, we shared the Mushroom Homemade Pizza (RM12) which came generously packed with mushrooms of all kinds and lots of juicy sweet tomatoes. 

Goofin' around whilst waiting to go collect the food. Happy times indeed !

We didn't get any drinks since I always carry around a bottle of mineral water with me and I don't see the sense of paying RM 8.50 for a glass of orange juice ... That said, Marche has a few types of red wine and imported beers to offer if you'd like something alcoholic to go with your chops and grills (something I have a feeling I'll go back for the next time I'm around ... ) . 

Monday, March 15, 2010


Spellbinding. Of all the adjectives in the English language, the only one that comes to mind to describe the lilt of soothing baritone, the rise and fall of the orchestral symphony, the catch of breaths and flutter of pulses, the only word that comes to mind is 'spellbinding'.

I had an incredible weekend with Le Boy. We caught the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra playing Broadway 'Show-stoppers' accompanied by the gooey, buttery smooth vocals of soloist, Stephen Rahman Hughes. My favourite pieces from the repertoire has got to be the orchestra playing tunes from The Sound of Music although Les Miserables' 'I Dreamed a Dream' came in as a close second. Music of the Night from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera left me teary eyed and Maria by Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story was heart stopping. I so wanted to get an autograph after the concert, but I was running late so oh well :(

No photos were allowed during the concert (thus, I had to steal one off but allow me to introduce you guys to a phenomenal group that I think is soon going to replace Il Divo in this fickle heart of mine ... Teatro !! (I love musicals so I'm a little biased ... heh) Enjoy !

P.s : Don't you think Stephen R.H is just so sexy? That voice ! The accent ! Oh, be still my heart. To say his voice melts my insides would be an understatement. Believe you me when I say the man positively vaporizes it .... along with all conscious thought !!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I did it !

No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit - Helen Keller

Today's Smile-Inducer : I'm basically a private person (I know bloggers can't be 'private', but humour me la ) I'm really happy with my results that I'm doing something I never thought I would do and posting it up here. So don't start throwing your tomatoes so soon...*gulps*. Psst... I saw Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita in Popular today..fingers are itchy but my TBR pile is moaning at the premonition of another sibling to add to the tower ... and not to mention mum would kill me if she reads this To buy or not to buy ? It's a Penguin Version though...hmm

Ooh ya, if you're wondering what the above title is about ....

I thank the Lord for all the good, the struggles and the lessons that I've amassed so far. I know that a lot of hope and expectations have been invested in me and I'm sorry to disappoint you guys, but I didn't break any records in the end. I once read that there are two images in one soul. One is the image that longs to break free and the other is the image that others see. I'm proud now that the person in the mirror and the girl that I am have finally met and agreed that we're one and the same.

The past 4 years has been filled with new discoveries peppered with doubts and what-was-I-thinking moments, but as they say, you walk the paths you choose and make the best out of it, and if you're lucky, you find some time to stop and smell the flowers along the way. One last semester to go and I'll be an engineer. It's scary because like a professor once said, when accountants make a mistake, the books don't balance, but when an engineer makes a mistake, someone dies. *breathe in, breathe out*

This is a celebratory post, so let's throw some confetti, pop a bottle of bubbly .. maybe ... and celebrate because class of 2010 ... a little more to go but for now WE DID IT !!!

Ok. Enough of all that narcissism, I leave you with one of my favourites from Norah Jones. Have a great mid-week !

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fleeting moments

Image from

To persevere is to endure. There are things that brush past you and before you’re able to turn around and catch hold of it, it fleets off again. A teasing strand of long hair on sensitive skin, an accidental tangle of fingers, a vision of childhood dreams that creeps up in the chime of ringing phones and crisp business suits.

In a time that seems like eons ago now, I remember the fiery sun being swallowed in sips by mountains and the endless horizon, the whisper of a breeze running its silky fingers through my tangled hair, and the haunting scent of wild flowers. Lulled by the sweet sweet music of waves greeting shore, I turned to seek a friendly face, a hand to hold but I was alone. The undulating waves, and gathering dusk, carried that wish of mine, the day will come when I find that person.

Obsession to some, might be mere survival to others. I don’t want to reach out in dreams only to wake up clutching air.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Unfinished business

Will be leaving for KL (again!!), this time to attend a series of lectures and seminars in preparation for UK. The schedule is packed and grueling but I've brought along some books to while the time away when I'm not paying attention ... shhh. So you won't be seeing me around till Friday whence I'll be once again reunited with my love Streamyx (I know Senor Streamyx can sometimes be a pain in the neck, but like they say, beggars can't be choosers ... so I love him all the same! )

P.s : I have got to stop talking in parentheses. And I have to start blogging properly. Apologies for the brevity, proper posts up soon when I find myself with little else to entertain me safe for Englishmen with yummy accents. Ooh... and maybe this weekend I'll be baking something !! I have a few things lined up...eggplant muffins anyone?? Heh heh , we'll see if I have my mum's DNA. By the by, do read this. When I grow up, I'd be proud to have just half your strength little Harley!!

Till Friday,

Au revoir