Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On the wings of an angel

I should be calm,
I should know she's in a better place,
away from the hurt, the pain, the disillusions,
But I'm angry,
and frustrated
24 year olds don't die of cancer !
24 year olds chase their dreams,
24 year olds look adventure in the eye,
24 year olds fall in love,
24 year olds, get their hearts trampled on,
and 24 year olds, GROW !

They may get hurt, they may get broken down, but essentially, they get chances at life !

I want to scream that it's unfair,
I don't want to ignore all these emotions bottled up inside,
I don't want to act 'adult'
because your light was doused just at its start,
and away you left on the wings of an angel.

RIP dear friend, the memories will always be something to cherish.

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