Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The coming of age

There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents ... and only one for birthday presents, you know.Lewis Carroll

18 years and a day ago, a squalling, pink, pruned-skin baby was brought into this world. Her parents named her Joanna, from the Bible. Anyway, this baby grew up to be a cheeky toddler, showered with love and attention by those around her. She had to be chased round and under the dining table by mummy and daddy because she didn’t want to go to pre-school. Grandpa and grandma spoiled her silly too. With cat-naps in the afternoon and dancing on grandpa’s toes on cool evenings.

She soon started primary school and there she met friends of gems who sprinkled fairy dust in her days and coloured her life. Progressing into secondary school, these friends remained dear and special to her. It was here where she started her journey of self-discovery, exploring depths and reached heights she never touched before.

Now, 18 years and a day later, she celebrated her first birthday away from home. It was truly an experience. Sweet wishes came from even sweeter people even before midnight. Thanks you guys. Miss you so so much. Anyway, that little girl is now of the ‘legal’ age. She can now drink alcohol, buy cigarettes, go for 18 rated movies, and get strangled by mum. Besides, she won’t qualify for juvenile jail anymore. What morbid thoughts.

Anyway, that was a very lame and concise version of my life’s story. My 18th birthday was certainly no fanfare. I went swimming and got ‘tortured’ by the seniors. Well, at least I got a lot of exercise ! So no complaints. Life in college sure ain’t a bed of roses.

Today’s my first day being 18. People asked me how I spent my birthday, so here’s my answer. I spent my birthday with a super hot date. It was vital that I spend more time with the said date because time was of the essence. I wouldn’t say it was a fun date, because knowledge was the theme of it. If I’ve managed to pique your interest into unraveling the identity of this mysterious birthday date, I shall not torture you anymore. This dazzling, not-so-charming, not-very-interesting date is a healthy, well-built, heavy, juicy book who goes by the name…….’Programming in Visual Basic ! ‘ You see, yesterday morning, my lecturer told us we would be given a test next week, which generated a flurry of panicked activity. Books which were previously left untouched were opened and flicked through in a hurry. People were trying to stuff as much information as the human brain can accommodate in the shortest period of time. This morning however, my ‘kind’ lecturer informed us that the test would be postponed. Maybe that’s my belated birthday gift then. ‘Phew’

I’ve got a case of writer’s block right now, so I guess I should sign off before I put you into a junk-induced coma.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Random stuff

It's the weekend. It's past midnight. It's been a tumultous week. Lots have happened. Lots have been discovered and explored. College students don't sleep. I mean seriously, these people are like owls or something. My course rep. slept for only 2 hours, but he was more energetic than me in school. Anyway, I got tagged by Aisyah to do this's

8 things about my perfect lover ( well, they say it never hurts to dream =p)

1. Loves me for who I am
Isn’t that what everyone wants? To be accepted and loved for who they are. Not who they represent or what they can do. To be treasured and cared for. Imperfections, quirky attractiveness, flaws and all.

2. Respects and accepts my family and friends
Because they mean something to me. I wouldn’t be who I am if not for them. They make up a big part of my life.

3. Understands me
I’m hard to fathom. I admit that much. Sometimes, I don’t even get myself. So, it’ll be miraculous if someone could actually understand, respect and accept the way I am.

4. Doesn’t pick fights with me
By that I mean that we’ll never ever fight. Ya, I know all couples fight, it’s normal. But you said perfect . I hate to fight with anyone, what more a significant other. I don’t ever want to have shouting contests and chaos in a relationship. Call me unrealistic but I’d like to walk on clouds and to have rainbows painted through the day and starry skies every night when I’m ‘in love’.

5. Open
He’s open minded about things. He isn’t too conservative to the point of being a monk. Isn’t over possessive and domineering. I can’t stand being told what to do and what not to do 24-7. He respects my point of view and at least listens to my crap. ( I’m not saying he has to accept whatever I say)

6. Doesn’t force me to do things I don’t want to
It’ll be suffocating if someone were to force me to do something I don’t want to do. And laugh at me and call me names after that.

7. Has a sense of humour
I like funny people. Or people who can take jokes. Sensitive people are a dead turn-off.

8. Matured
I’m not a very good babysitter. I dropped cartoons years ago though I still have a soft spot for Barney. = P
I'm tagging..
Jarod? lol

Monday, June 19, 2006

To a much loved lady

If a person you love is stolen from you, the way to keep that person living is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but true love lives on forever - The Crow

You are special.

You were always there for each and every one of your children, your grandchildren. A constant supporter and strong believer of each and every one of us.

You took every predicament in stride, a brave smile always never far away.

You are hero, mentor, mother, wife, grandmother. You excelled in being all.

You always thought of others before yourself. Putting their needs ahead of yours.

You coloured the lives of those around you and molded them to be better people.

You are gentleness and courage personified. You led each day patiently, making a difference to those you cared for.

You left an impact on the lives of many, an imprint in their souls, a signature on their hearts.

You’ll always be remembered, every gathering, every day. The hearts you touched and the stars and sun you represent in the lives of those who love you.

You found peace at last, away from the turbulent battles life handed out to you. It was a long battle but you emerged the Victor.

Poh poh, I know you’re with the Lord now. You’re a jewel with a heart of gold. A living testimony to everyone, you’ll continue living on in our memories.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wittle Little Bit of Life

I've got wi-fi connection in my room now ! Man, it's good to be back in touch with civilization. First week of college was something akin to hell for me. I couldn't get proper sleep(cos some smart senior decided to 'spice' up my hostel life by very 'helpfully' asking me and my roommate to 'take care' because there were 'visitors' on our floor, if you get my drift) and the food here tasted so bland I thought I would soon die of malnutrition or emaciation.

Anyway, things have smoothened out tremendously compared to that initial stage. The lecturers are loading us with assignments and projects. So, life can get pretty hectic sometimes. Especially when you think you don't have any assignments, decide to sort out your file and suddenly you see this nice, thick juicy stack of tutorial questions that are due tomorrow ! Then it'll be a panic,mad rush to hurry up and finish it. The next day, you'll be nodding off to sleep in the cozy,dimly-lit lecture halls. Then when the lecturer ends the lecture, you'll be thinking.."What did he say?" or, some lecturers are more effective than sleeping pills. No matter how hard you try to pay attention, your mind wanders, I'll be looking at him, telling myself "Pay attention,pay attention,pay attention" and then I'll spot somebody with a cool shirt or a weird hairstyle, and I'll nudge Kim and whisper and giggle.

Anyway, I came back from a CF meeting last night. Kim and I was walking back with a guy from the same hostel and the classroom blocks were rather dark already. I pointedly avoided looking in that direction when I realised the guy was looking at something. They say ignorance is bliss so I decided to let the matter drop and not bring the subject up, but....things didn't work that way. Suddenly the guy said.
" I saw something drop".
Kim and I went.." Really? we wanna know what you saw?"
The guy: " It was white"
Me: "'s a piece of paper. Nothing wan la"
Kim: " Maybe it's just a cat or something"
The guy: " I don't think so la, doesn't look like it"
Me: " Let's just walk faster"
The guy : " It looked like a bird......"
Me: " Ok, it's a bird..*nervous laugh* let's walk faster ya..."
The guy : " But it doesn't look like a bird...I think.."
To which Kim and I just sped up and walked faster.

So there you have it. I'm tired already. It's past 11pm and I've gotta get more shut eye. I hate it when the alarm rings. My alarm clock malfunctioned this morning, and when I looked at my watch, Kim and I panicked and started rushing. Forgot breakfast and all. Sigh. Wish mum was here. She's the alarm clock that never fails.

ps: I miss the idiot box !!!!