Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Past n Present

It’s been eons since the last time I logged in and actually blogged something. The semester holidays have breezed past, just as always, and I find myself being once again swept away by the hectic currents of assignments and projects. Did I mention I have a midterm project coming up? Beastly thing.

Before the holidays started, I made it a point to at least blog, but I know I didn’t. It wasn’t so much of lack of inspiration because there were so so many things to blog about the last few weeks. But then again, those thoughts would have been too appalling to pen down and too angsty to be reader-friendly. The main reason I’m blogging right now would be because it’s a darn good excuse for putting off doing my homework, which has already started piling up although this is just the 3rd day of school.

So, here’s a quick run-through of the past month and bits of events and thoughts that flitted through my mind:

1 Feb – Dad brought home our cheeky ‘angel’ that came rapped in a four-legged furry black package, complete with waggy tail and eager licks.

7 Feb – Chinese New Year came and past, thank God for that. I know some people love the whole idea of noisy music, the literal ‘painting the town red’ theme, heart-clogging consumption of peanuts and fried goodies, the clink-clank of mahjong tiles interspersed with the constant shouts and bellows of triumph and no orchestra’s complete without the background accompaniment of women exchanging the latest juicy bit of gossip, but to me Chinese New Year is pretty much like a visit to the dentist. It’s something inevitable that’s best done and be over with quick. I know it’s all part of being able to embrace the whole Chinese culture thing but relatives who see me once in a blue moon and try to pretend they know anything at all about me irks me.

9 Feb – Had a pretty enjoyable night at The boy’s place. Highlights of the night would be watching the cutest lion dance performance and being around a houseful of active happy noisy kids ( some part during that night I set out gridlines for my future kids, that is if I ever have any… I’m gonna teach them the best game of all…playing pretend that they’re mimes for at least 4 days a week……)

14 Feb – A day that needs no introduction. It was during this day that I realized that most of us got the whole idea all screwed up being led like lambs to the slaughter by commercialization and what-nots. Valentine’s a day to celebrate love between one another, fellow humans, friends, family, people who mean something to us but somewhere along the way, especially amongst certain communities it’s become an unwritten law that it’s to be confined within couples. And as for paying quintuple times the price for dinner and flowers, honey, how much more sillier can people get?

27 Feb – The first time I never thought of sanitizers as I held a shaking, puking puppy in the car. Also the first time I got vomit stuck in my hair and not minding as long as she lived. Terror never slunk its cruel vise around my heart as it did that moment.

3 Mar – Classes continued, assignments were passed around, and exam results were almost equated to taboo around campus.