Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hold me and never let go

Today's Smile Inducer : Finding a foothold in faith. It's a trying time for me right now but I'll be positive. So yeah, challenge me if you will, the sky's the limit today.

I like this. I thought it was inspiring and hope it lifts your spirits as much as it did mine.

Tune your anxious heart to patience,
Walk by faith where sight is dim;
Loving God, be calm and trustful
And leave everything to Him. —Chambers

The finals commence tomorrow ... it's back to the books guys.

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Elin said...

Hey Piggy gal,

Momsie and Popsie wishes you all the BEST in your finals and May you allow God to hold your hands and lead you all thru. In God all things are possible! Amen.

Sleep well baby...we will be there for you...supporting you in prayers during this time of difficulties. Goodnite and sweet dreams :))

* hugs