Monday, August 24, 2009


Today's Smile-Inducer : Pretty things . You walk around aimlessly, least expecting to have your heart dancing a little jig of its own at the sight you behold. It's the realization that there's beauty to be had in everything around us. Delicious splashes of colours that decorate the palette of the sky. Delicate patterns on the sand. Delectable scents and aromas wafting from kitchens and ovens. Understated everyday sights that are always left underappreciated. It's those moments that catch you offguard and stops the endless ticking of time that steals your breath away. Yes...pretty things and happy couples make me smile. =D

So sorry for the lack of updates lately. Just thought I'd drop off a smile inducer today as an apology for the past emo posts.... Been pretty busy preparing or making up for the lack thereof of daily tender moments with my textbooks.... Finals in a week!!! Wish me luck guys *crosses fingers*


Elin said...

Hey Piggy,
All the best in your finals...can't wait to see you graduate! Will be baking and cooking your favourites cum this study week! Oinking away.....

owl_order said...

good luck! you're a brilliant student, but i guess even the best needs a well-wishing =D

Joanna said...

@ Mum
Yes yes yes. Soon I'll be home so much you're get sick of the extra puppy following you around

Hehe. Thanks so much :D