Thursday, September 03, 2009

Good girls gone bad

Smile inducer : Finding random stuff on the internet.

I stumbled upon this article.Its freaky to a point but a really interesting read. Go read it if you have the time. Here are random parts that I thought were really relevant reflections of society.

The Good Girl walked a treacherous line, balancing mixed messages about how far she should go and how strong she should be: she was to be enthusiastic while being quiet; smart with no opinions on things; intelligent but a follower; popular but quiet. She would be something, but not too much.

The Bad Girl was outspoken (speaks her mind ) and self-possessed (proud), a risk taker (rule breaker) and critical thinker (artistic, rebel, doesn’t care what people think). She was comfortable being in charge (center of attention). But she was nothing if not an outcast, an example to Good Girls of what happened when you strayed from the program.

"Prone to becoming estranged from their inner lives .... [The Good Girls] are so busy living up to others’ expectations that they either don’t develop or eventually relinquish their own goals. They are so focused on achieving external emblems of success that they don’t get the chance to figure out what really excites them and gives them pleasure. They barely know who they are or who they want to become."

Full article here

So .... bad girl good girl. Should girls be bad in order to be good to themselves? What do you think?

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