Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Be Nice, stop selling fish

Humans are a selfish lot, so selfish in fact that it’s disgusting. Yes, I mean you and me. All of us. And if you think this post is a product of crazy hallucinations, then maybe you’re right and you can stop reading here. I know a lot of you would disagree and argue that this is in fact a way of life. The survival of the fittest and all. But have we sat down and thought about it? I mean REALLY think about it?

What do we study so hard for? What do we work so hard for? Why do we want to be better than our neighbours? Spur our children to be bigger, better, greater? It all boils down to three people. Me, myself and I. We want a better future .. for ourselves. We want greater fortunes…for ourselves. We want grander glories and worldwide fame…all in the name of narcissism.

Have we thought how selfish all this is? In the pursuit of self glory and fame, do we ever spare a thought for the people who have no food, no clothes, no families, no roofs over their heads? Children who go to bed with the sound of bombs dropping overhead and who write letters to Santa not asking for shiny new bikes but that their fathers would return home from the war ? Children who are thrown into the harsh, weather beaten road and forced to fight wars that adults wage? Adults who should be caring for them.

There are people who are told they have 2 weeks to live. There are wives being abused, women being deprived of rights that should be theirs. There are children being forced into arranged marriage at ages where they should still be playing with dolls, not REAL babies.The environment is crumbling around us. There’s global warming and animals being driven out of their homes all for human development. And in it all, we ask…but what about ME?

The rich only want to get richer, and the poor want more than anything to get out of the slums and make it big. The thing is there’s SO much we can do in order to change things. You see, the thing is, if everyone started caring for the people beside us, we don’t even need to care about ourselves, because others would care about you. Imagine the whole world just caring about everybody else. But we don’t. Because it’s the road less taken. Because it’s a road that has no attractive end, no lucrative perceived gains. Because it’s the road that has nothing for me, but everything for others.

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