Friday, July 24, 2009

Walking and Talking

Today's Smile-Inducer : Lazy Afternoon Naps
It's been eons since the last time I was able to take an afternoon nap. Gave in to the extreme sleep deprivation this afternoon and paid slumberland a much needed visit. Ah, the bliss of escaping from battles of forcing heavy eyelids to stay open.

I've started taking a more serious approach to reading the Bible. Came across today's Daily Bread. Thought I'd share it with you all. It's true how we often 'talk the talk' but fail miserably when it comes to 'walking the walk'. I realize my reserve of faith is always on an eternal low and I need to be a stronger believer. I need to learn how to not allow things to get the better of me. Not to let my emotions affect my mood too much and not to allow the influence of the people around me to drown out the real me.

I'm taking each day slowly. At the end of this road of self discovery I hope to end with a me who is strong, nonchalant and able to face up to her demons. I'm not a person who cries under pressure. I believe that tears should be saved up for something more deserving like war victims,orphans or touching stories. Not the fear of failure. But on certain days, I give in to the pathetic thing we call 'self pity' and have a good bawl in the privacy and cowardry of the shower. And I'm not proud of it. All that is going to change.

Today, let's all toast to walking the talk !

P.s : Sorry for the lack of pictures. The line here does not permit me to upload pictures but will try to as best as I can.

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