Monday, July 20, 2009

Misty beauty stumbled upon

Today's smile-inducer : Click here for it.

In all fairness today's smile-inducer isn't a happy skippity dance around in sunlight story but I found it really inspiring. Stumbled upon this story on the internet and thought you might like it.

It was a surprise when I, the cynic against anything wedding-like finished the last sentence on a watery smile. Makes you treasure the people around you much more and to believe in taking more giant leaps of faith more often doesn't it?


Elin said...

haha, it sure inspire you and be happy..look forward and don't look backward...nothing is unattainable..that goes for your look sweet..always remember that :)))

SL Wong said...

Indeed a very touching and inspiring story. Always smile k dear? Look forward and always be happy for God has install great things for you in the future.