Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Of chocolate and monkeys

Today's Smile Inducer : KIT KAT !!!

Uh huh, yea I'm talking about that four fingered decadently delicious wafer bathed in chocolate. Sank into temptation and bought myself a bar of kit kat during the break. Chomped down on it throughout a really dry lecture and I was happy happy happy.

Other than that...Malaysians are WEIRD ! Was coming out of a lecture hall today and this 'gentleman' walked out, and left the heavy door to swing back almost hitting me square in the face. I leapt out of harm's way, let out a tiny squeak only to hear some idiots sniggering behind me. What is the use of an education if you can't educate yourself on simple basic manners???


Zhen Yuan said...

Sigh, the guy need to learn some real manners! Talkin bout bein just a little sensitive to the surrounding. sheesh.

Joanna said...

Hahaha..... they're all like that. It's no wonder I walk around with a black cloud everyday :P