Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness

So, first off, sorry for the overload of emo stuff lately on this little slice of the web. Today, I officially launch the start of a mini project I’m starting that I’ve decided to aptly name The Pursuit of Happiness.

Today’s smile-inducer :

On the way back from Central today, I overheard this conversation between a little man, (LM) and his mama

LM : Mummy mummy mummy, I wanna climb up there and look out the window toooo

Mama : No, you can’t. Sit still now.

LM : But *inserts elder brother’s name* gets to do it!

Mama : No, you can’t.

LM : But why….? Why? Why?

Mama : Because I say so

LM : Why??

Mama : Because you’re small.

LM : Noooooooooooooo *and proceeds to wriggle free from his mother’s grip.

I don’t really know about you but the entire scene was oozing cuteness and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole ride back. The boy’s only about 3 years old and when he stubbornly tried to wheel a spiderman printed trolley bag as tall as him it was too cute I melted into a puddle of goo right then and there.

Everyday I’m going to make it a point to write about a little anecdote, an event, an object or a person who made me smile. I believe that emotions are what we make out of it. Anger, sadness, frustration, happiness, joy and fear are mere reflections of the wisps of thoughts the mind conjures. Half empty half full glasses are a subject of perspective and I’m going to try to be optimistic for once. Heck, it’s all part of experiencing new things in life right? Do leave me a note if you like this and want to see it continued. Feel free to do this too if you have a blog but remember to leave me your link so I can go around collecting smiles. Yeap, it’s my current favourite hobby.

Toodle loos !


SL Wong said...

Happy for you dear. Go go go

Elin said...

Go drool on the those delicious mouth-watering food and you will be H * A * P * P * Y ! It will make you forget about the bitchiness and selfishness of a certain person. God will bless you and guide you in your coming exam. Trust and lean on the Almighty God who has always been there for you. If God is on your side who can be against you...the snake you thought you could befriend? Nay no way God is more powerful! So be happy for once...remember another 8 months and you will be free from the bitchiness and selfishness around you. God peace be upon you! love you Piggy :)))

owl_order said...

well some children can do really amusing things. reminds me of baby blues, the comic strip.

well it's good if you have things to make you smile everyday.

Joanna said...

@Sl Wong : Hehehe .. going going going... LOL sounds like some kinda auction

@Elin : Be N-I-C-E....the word bitch is taboo here btw...this blog is supposed to be 'kid friendly' gah, the real world's bad enough as it oinkz u much too...

@owl_order : Children are adorable ! As long as they don't cry, don't scream, don't whine, don't climb things they're not supposed to, don't have excellent tastes when it come to breakables.....=P Oh dear...

haha...Baby blues! I totally forgot about that, needed my good friend google to refresh my memory..

owl_order said...

you can read baby blues at the official site they archived 13 years' worth of comics, since 1996.

enjoy haha

Joanna said...

owl_order : You're gonna get me soooo addicted !

Thanks much tho