Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Was browsing through the news early this morning and came upon this story on a man being senteced to 15 years jail and 10 strikes of the rotan for rape. Whilst reading through two things struck me.

Why would the wife, for that matter any wife be present at a proceeding of a man you know no better than a stranger and cry?! Unless you're crying for your own lack of judgment that is.

The prosecution said the victim did not try to escape from the cemetery then because she was afraid of ghosts, did not know her way around, and her mobile phone battery was dead.
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Not to be insensitive but what ghost could be worse than staying with the man who raped you? The monster who violated your rights and why not try for survival? It pains me to see women just submitting to crimes committed against them. Their inability to fight back and their choice to remain helpless just kills me. I once had a lecturer who said that if a guy puts a knife at your neck and threatens to rape you, just let him be done with it, don't fight back, it'll save your life. Needless to say, I was appalled. When it came my turn to give an opinion, I gave my one and ONLY opinion : I'd rather die fighting than to live, submitting.

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owl_order said...

lol. i was kinda surprised when i read that she was (is i mean) afraid of ghosts.

but then again, i guess there are people who fear ghosts, as much as i fear...

ok i spoke too much XD