Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monkey business

Bad things come in threes :
1) My roommate almost got scratched by a monkey. Scared the hell outta me. I kept thanking God nothing happened. Imagine the horror........

2) My rice cooker got confiscated. They came in and spotchecked the room. (Of all the useless shitty things to do! Brainless moronic idiots ! Don't even get me started on invasion of privacy! Am I a freaking prisoner now? Subjected to your bullying and manipulating??!! What goddamn right do you have to prance into my room, look through my PRIVATE belongings and take my stuff !!!!! This is classic THIRD WORLD mentality ! Advancement and progress is far from attainment!) Oh no, maybe they're trying to 'go green' and start saving the environment?) I understand that we may have broken some dumb rule but you should have seen the way they threw my stuff around! I had utensils in my rice cooker, forks and spoons and when i came back they were EVERYWHERE !
They'll probably call my parents now (Ooh...I'm SO scared) or give me a royal talkdown. Whatever it is, I have a roomful of cabbages waiting to rot. FML

3) I got charged at by a monkey (again ! In a matter of 10 hours) I think the bugger's marking my room. It's just waiting out there right now. Ya, the whole ooh ahh ooh ahh scratch-its-armpits-hirsute-beast is GUARDING my

So that's the lowdown on my life. I now see the effect of global warming and deforestation. My furry friends have decided to get out of the forest and join me in civilization. Oh joy! As you can see, I really can't find a smile-inducer today. Oh wait! Maybe I do!! If Darwin's theory is anything to go by , then.....OUR ANCESTORS ARE DISCIPLINING US BY ATTACKING US !! Oh the irony !

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