Friday, April 17, 2009

The things I say

When I was in my second year in college, I had to be an emcee for the Project Design Exhibition or better known as ProDex . It's an annual exhibition showcasing the final year Engineering and School of Arts and Science student projects. 

So, on the morning of the launch, I woke up bright and early and skipped breakfast since I was too engrossed in running through the program. Now, my co-emcee was my senior and one big joker. Great voice, fantastic personality, tall, and too-bad for me in possession of the mentality of a typical boy...

This is a true account of my 5 minutes of fame shame...(I don't even know why I'm writing this...)
Right before the launch started, about the time the guests started arriving, I turned to my co-emcee and said

"I'm hungry..."
To which he went
"Mmm.....that just sounds sooo suggestive"

As I was about to reply, a crew member tapped me on the back and whispered
"Guys, the microphones are on. We can hear you all the way from the back"

Needless to say..I got a natural blush all through the launch. Who needs Maybelline rouge? Just get a male co-emcee who constantly thinks (Oh, and did I mention the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation was amongst the guests? *starts digging a hole to hide in*) 
Su Yuin, out! 


Zhen Yuan said...
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Zhen Yuan said...

*Typo error detected*

*puts on a serious face*


hahaha!!! *rolls around laughing*

See la, skip b'fast somemore.. It's okay la, at least you've got your 5 minutes of fame! It shows how badly TARC treats their students. I remembered getting free economy rice packs from Canteen 2 during ProDEX (excluding drinks). Talkin bout cheapskates.. I was promoting the college for heaven's sake. Anyway, I'm sure they were all hungry as well :P If this ever happens again, I'd suggest you brush it off as a joke.. can cover cover a bit :D