Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doggy Tails #1 : Flip flop slip slap

It's ironic that I hit him simply because we share the same taste in shoes....

He's already the size of the couch at 5 and a half months old
(I'm saying this only to comfort myself for my actions......
*hangs head in remorse*)

I woke up 2 days ago to my puppy breakfasting on my favourite pair of heels. Thankfully, the culprit didn't manage to finish his breakfast before mum caught him.

Leather sunny side up with a side of corky wedges anyone?

This morning whilst I was reading a magazine in my room, dad came in and the look on his face spelled two words. "Uh Oh..." I rushed out and saw my barely 2 month old flip flops missing an arm strap. Looking at my wounded slippers, my heart bled and I let forth a litany of words a 'proper lady' should never use. I looked around to see the culprit hiding under the table. Scorching him with a glare, I sat down and stabbed at my breakfast.

A picture of innocence + involuntary amputation

On a sudden spurt of 'inspiration', I got up, grabbed my slipper and armed with my weapon I rewarded him with numerous slaps. All the while spewing strings of lecture in two languages ( Gee, I never knew I picked up so much chinese from all the lectures mum bestowed upon me Josh for misbehaving =P )

Belatedly, I looked up to see my dad, spoon suspended in mid air staring incredulously at me. If I hadn't been so blinded by rage, I would have rolled around laughing at the hilarity of it all. Imagine my father's shock to see his usually composed daughter shove back her chair, crawl on ALL fours under the table and charge at the dog like a maddened thing wielding a smelly chewed-on slipper.

As a result, the poor puppy stays yards away from anything with my scent, me included and I'm now 'the offspring who charges under tables during meals'.

P/s : I've always been a firm believer that caning is never the tool for discipline. I rebuked vehemently the saying "Spare the rod, spoil the child" but today, today I snapped. Today I stooped to the ranks of a slipper slapper and it makes me afraid of my own temper......= (


Zhen Yuan said...

Scaaaary.. The flops must've been real important for such an eruption.
Oh well, at the very least it's not Marley....

*Self reminder #1: no more poking bookworms for the time being.*

Joanna said...

LOL! Well, the flops had a connection with months of searching and Feb 14 =P

And....they bought bookworms freedom from pokes! In a way they helped save the planets...worms are important for er....soil fertilization *nods enthusiastically...