Friday, April 24, 2009


I've been meaning to change the layout of this blog of mine for some time now. As much as I like the simplicity of this current design, the whole 3 column thing is starting to bug me. No wonder the saying goes three's a crowd...

Oh, there's this other quote I stumbled upon the other that got me thinking.

"I don't know why people don't like crocodiles. They are really straightforward: if you get really close to a crocodile, he's always going to try to eat you. With people, they sometimes pretend to be your friends first." -Steve Irwin

Now, crikey! Words of wisdom from the animal kingdom for us all. I might blog more on that some other day. These days I've been looking around for inspiration and I find myself irked by a lot of things. Some of them too inappropriate to voice out considering the current times we live in. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to see.

Anyway, what do you think? Should I or should I not change this current layout?

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Elin said...

I think you layout, new