Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I watched the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 and 2 earlier on today. It's a great show. A must see for those of you who like light hearted movies that tug at the heartstrings and prioritizes simple things in life we so often take for granted. Like friendship. 

There are many types of friends out there. Some are sweet,shy but generous. Some are quiet but loyal and always there when you need them. Some are outgoing, loud and outrageous but those will be the friends at the frontline whenever any trouble crops up. But I believe that each one is unique.

Watching movies like these makes me wonder what type of friend I am. Looking back now, I wish i was more of a friend to my friends. There are so many things I want to tell them but I'm afraid that sometimes time has done it's damage. 

I miss doing all those things we used to do together. I wonder if they remember me. I wonder if they remember being 11 and skipping classes to go pick flowers. I wonder if they remember playing by the swings when we really should have been in assembly and daring each other to go near the graveyards.... And what happened to the 'Sei Tai Tien Wong' or loosely translated as 'Four Big Sky something..." (Ok, I admit, my chinese needs lots of work). I miss sitting up late at night glued to the computer chatting about cute rockstars and great music, those long calls we used to have over the telephone when we realized that guys had ceased to be 'gross' and the simple delight of wondering what to wear for graduation night. 

I guess at the base of it all, I just miss.... belonging. Sure. I have friends in college, but as nice and awesome as they may be, they weren't there in the whole growing up process. They have no idea who your first crush was. They can't laugh at the same childhood stories and jokes. Somehow, there's a missing link there. 

It's funny that sometimes guys find it easier to catch up on old times. Distance disintegrates after a greeting of 'Yo!' or "Hey dude, what's up?". 

I'm sorry for the times that I wasn't there. I'm sorry that I let distance become a factor in our friendships. I wish that at times I could have been the friend that I want, that I took the first initiative. If I could do it all again, I think I would. 

p.s: I wish I had pictures to put up but alas, they got lost when I sent the com to get reformatted :( 


Fiona said...

i remember those times we had together. i don't think i can ever forget them. they are too precious to be forgotten. the picking of flowers and making medicines out of the so-called herbs a.k.a. lalang and it has been 10 years since those days. and the sei dai tin wong.. way back in form 3 when we copy one another's answer and all four of us got it wrong. that's how we got the nickname. miss those times....

Joanna said...

Heyz, I miss those times so much. Especially these days when I contemplate the future :) It'd be nice to get together again but oh well "Que Sera Sera"

Fiona said...

we can always get together again but of course, we do it the feminine and matured way now that we are no longer teens...i feel old.... have i told you that i am the eldest in my class in college?? lol..