Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It's a sad realization that one person alone could make my emotions all wonky tonky....


dr1/6 said...

i can so relate.


suituapui said...

One of those days... Cheer up! Be happy!

Elin said...

You will be fine...I am coming to see you and let's rejoice then :)) I will be making some kimchi and bring over for you..this , I am sure will cheer you up ! :p

Small Kucing said...

hang in there

Simply Me said...

i can so relate to this at the moment..anyway hugs!!=)
-siew wei-

Joanna said...

@ Sarah :
*Hugs* Take care sweetie !

@ STP :
Yeap. Thank God I'm snapping outta it already :)

@ Elin :
WHee !!! Yay !!! *does happy dance

@ Kathy :
Thank u :) Been a while. Still reading lots ya :)

@ Siew Wei :
Thanks dear. You hang in there too ya :)