Monday, May 02, 2011



Looking through my pictures the other day I realized I haven't blogged about London. Shocking, because there were so many things about London that left a permanent mark on my memory.  So this post is for posterity.. for the days when I need that little lift of spirits, days when I need that little reminding of what was and could have been ...  

Best musical ever ! Period

What would London be without the sight of red double decker buses

I love this shot .. 

Anyone who knows me knows I go gaga over books. These were from the infamous Any Amount of Books at Charing Cross Road. Books going for a song ... *drool 

Needless to say, some came home with me ... *eyes downcast in appropriate repentance

Colourful buildings dotting the Camden Lock Market. I love all everything's so lovely and pastel despite the grey, overcast skies

The inside of Cyberdog looked very much like a neo-modern pub. Neon lights and neon coloured drinks. Very futuristic

Scooter seats ! 

Bits and knick knacks. Love the hot air balloons 

Oil paintings. Oh, how I wish I could have brought them back with me .... *drool 

The archways to the Horse Tunnel Market. 

A pretty mosaic bench. I could look at this for hours and hours and not grow tired of the splash of vivid colour on this one. 

The beginnings of autumn. Pretty ain't it ? 

And the obligatory red-phone-booth shot .... 

Just the other day someone told me about this website that offers booklet printing. If only I'd known earlier, I might have just gone and ordered some to put the intangible into tangible remembrance. It would have been amazing having glossy print outs of custom made booklets. I like the way this website offers you the flexibility to custom design your booklets to reflect the theme and setting of a particular event or occasion. Really worth looking into if you ask me .... 

For now, here's hoping that you've enjoyed looking at these amateur-ish recordings of dreams, passions, hopes and fleeting glimpses of the past. 

Toodle loos !!! 


suituapui said...

I love London. Just spent one weekend there though. Didn't see Les Mis...but I saw Miss Saigon and Grease there. Hope to go again one day...

Small Kucing said...

droool at the books...

eh apa pasal like wanna tumbuk orang at the last photo?

juney said...
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juney said...

ah so lovely.the beautiful city of London and the london cute. I want to step foot there one day :)

Love, no madlove! the oxford shoes Jo :D

(that was me previously, accidentally pressed delete haha)

Joanna said...

@ STP :
I love London too. It'll always have a special place in my heart :) Aw, I would have loved watching Miss Saigon !! :)

@Kathy :
Hahahaha. THe books were so droolworthy !! The last photo was er ...accidental ! :P

@Juney :
Aw sweetie. Make sure you put London on your list of places to visit :)

Yea, I love those shoes !! :p Thanks honey