Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank you

So this post is purely for me. I'm not boasting or showing off. It's something I'm writing so that when the times get tough and the road ahead gets uncertain and challenging, I'll look back and remember what spurred me on to start this journey. 

I got my full scholarship to do my PhD !!
It's amazing because I've dreamt of attending this university since I was 16, but things didn't work out that way, and for a while I walked around aimless, desolate and bitter. Early this year, I decided to take up an off chance opportunity on a fluke , and spent some time agonizing over whether it was the right decision. There were lots of times when I felt like giving up, but I just couldn't bear to throw the towel in just yet. And looking back now, God has always had a plan for me. =)

I thank the Lord for continually being my strength, 
I'm grateful that He sent me awesome parents, 
Supportive friends, 
The little things that count
And for never forsaking me even when things were low and I was confused and hurt. 

Weave in faith, and God will find the thread - Anon

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Elin said...

COngrats and Praise The lord!!!! TRUSTING GOD is important and I am happy that you got the Dean Scholarship for you PhD . Be faithful and be grateful! In alll things give thanks to GOD! I can't hold back my tear of happiness and I can't sleep!
Hugs and muaxs
Monsie Elin

dr1/6 said...


suituapui said...

Give thanks...and praise the Lord always. Too bad many these days expect things to be given to them on a silver platter and have no sense of gratitude whatsoever. Maybe it's because the parents have done that all their lives...and they expect the same from others without even trying to work hard for it...nor appreciating it.

Congrats...and all the best! Your parents must be so very proud of you.

Joanna said...

Elin :
Awwww ... :) Hehe.

Sarah :
Thank you thank you !!! :P

Hehe. I shall work harder to remember to be grateful for all things :) And yea ... I think they are :p

JoV said...

Congratulations!! What a news. May I ask what major will you be pursuing?

Joanna said...

Hi Jo ,

I'll be doing my postgrad in engineering :) At the moment the plan is to stick to nanomaterials ... hehe :) It's great news, but I'll need to be more disciplined to get more time for reading. Time seems to disappear into thin air these days :p Hope u're keeping well !

JoV said...

Yes I am Joanna. While the Joanna, (me!) have failed to pursue a Phd (I think I have enough of studying post-MBA! with two young kids!) I am glad the Joanna (You!) I am talking to get to walk all the way up to the pinnacle of academic achievements. Nanomaterials.. my goodness that is sooooo greek!

I wish you all the best and do tell us how you are getting on. If you are around Reading or London on weekdays, do let me know and we should meet up. :)

J.Teoh said...

Hey Jo,
Congratulations! Where are you heading? And when?

MallyMallow said...

Way to go gurl! :) So glad your dreams are coming true and I am happy that you got a scholarship as well! make full use of it and may good things keep coming your way. God bless Jojo!