Monday, May 09, 2011

The most demanding job

All our lives, we work so hard to secure the best jobs. We toil, we cry, we suffer and we get stressed out just to stay on top of the game. On observation , I found the recipe of skills needed for the most demanding job one could ever hold :

A generous dollop of Patience
For whines, ceaseless complaints and disobedient rebellion

A bucketful of Generosity
For the times when there's not enough dessert to go around the table and 2 greedy mouths to feed. 

Doses of Depthless love
For loving the unlovable, the difficult and the obstinate

A reservoir of Energy
For cleaning up the messes that 2 year olds find funny
and know-it-all 20 year olds have a knack of getting into.

Eternal ounces of Selflessness
For being friend, comforter, ally and partner-in-crime

Infectious sense of Fun
For the times when life is taken too seriously 

The healing touch
For cuts, scrapes, disappointments and broken hearts

Thank you dearest mummy for holding the toughest job
for being my safety net, my crying shoulder and backbone of support 
and excelling at it in ways that no one else can ! 

I love you !!!  



Elin said...

Oh sweet..the best Mother's Day gift ever. I love you too. Muax and thanks for the physical gift too :) Just remember I am always there for you..ANYTIME just remember that. YOU and Josh are the best MD's gift God has given to me ! PTL for that :))

suituapui said...

So sweet... Love that picture! Elin's so lucky to have a girl like you, Jo. Stay as sweet as you are always.

Joanna said...

Elin :
Hehe :) xoxo !!

Aw, I'm blessed to have an angel for a mother :)

lena said...

joanna, that's really sweet of you and that recipe..i must learn that too!