Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tell me your story

I have this peculiar habit of people watching ( in France it's considered a legit pastime, so perhaps I'm in the wrong country eh, but I digress ) . When I'm stuck in the commuter for long journeys, my mind wanders, and I make up stories. After all, everyone has one to tell. 

I see one in your eyes,
Little girl with the red shoes,
I hope you keep that bright sense of wonderment,
Even when you grow grey and old.

I see one in your heart,
Doting mother,
Rambunctious boys in tow,
You wonder if into dashing gentlemen they're grow.

I see one in your gnarled fingers,
Gentleman, bent and frail,
The years you've toiled,
Contentment now nestles in your chest.

I see one in your set jaws and unseeing eyes, 
Young career woman, 
Time is ticking and racing off, 
But so is the yarn of life

A man's face is his autobiography; a woman's , her work of fiction. - Oscar Wilde


Small Kucing said...

Hmm..staring at ppl in LRT ah? Later kena scolding leh. Just jokiing.

Ya i do that also. Sometimes unintentionally. Hubi then nudge me ..wei...why you staring at that man/woman.

suituapui said...

The Chinese has a saying: "You know his face but you do not know his heart." And Shakespeare said, "The false face hides what the false heart doth know." Don't believe in Oscar Wilde - Shakespeare also said, "He can smile and smile and yet be a villain!" Be careful.