Friday, July 02, 2010

Reality Bites

" I had dreams, aspirations, childlike wonder - ..... "
" .... and then reality strolled along and took the seat next to me " said she. 

Life is a fragile, mystical thread that twists and turns on its own path along the tapestry of destiny. 

Dear Lord, 
I hereby submit each and every second of my life unto Thy hands, 
Thank you for the beauty that surrounds me,
Thank you for every breath that I draw, 
Thank you for the lessons, the scrapes, the joy and the tears,
Thank you for the comforting knowledge that there is a reason for everything, 
Thank you for my fantastic support team of lending hands, listening ears and shoulders to lean on, 


Elin said...

What a beautiful prayer ! And do continue to trust in the Lord for God knows us before we were even born. Life is never a smooth sailing. There is storm but with the Lord in your life you will sail thru smoothly thru the storm. God's blessing be upon you always. Take care and eat well physically and spiritually :p

suituapui said...

Amen. Trust in the Lord always - pray for guidance and may He guard and protect you from all harm, keep you safe and well always. Take care there.

reanaclaire said...

God listens...when we pray!
Yes, take care, J.. enjoy yourself too!

smallkucing said...


Anonymous said...

god gv u so many things edy, u stil wana borrow his remote control?

Joanna said...

@elin :
Hehe. Advice noted !

THank you ! :)

@Reanaclaire :
Thank you :D

@Kathy :

@Anon :
Haha, it is human nature to always want more ... :P