Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More than just a game for two

Classes beckon,
Assignments scream, 
Early days with sprinkles of,  
Late nights fueled by caffeine laced diets,
But tummies, oh tummies have to be filled 
and ears need as much pampering as the soul ... 

When east and west meets adventurous taste buds .... you get "Kimchi Broccoli Salad" 
( that's real kimchi !! ... from the awesome-st Asian grocer we accidentally stumbled upon, more on that later ... ) 

Coupled with oven baked fish fillet and a dollop of crumbly cheese  .. 
Fuss free dinners are yummy. There was ice cream too but as with all rules that govern the universe, ice cream and sweet treats wait for no (wo)man's camera .. 

Ear candy is food for the soul, and Olivia Ong , a chinese Singaporean singer has been feeding me generous portions of feel goodness with her lilting voice ... very easy listening, not exactly bossa nova, but comforting nonetheless. Do have a listen. A few of my favourite renditions on time old classics ... 


dr 1/6 said...

thanx for the lovely music tip =)

jo, reading your entries remind me of the time i first moved to moscow. dunno what happened to all zest for life in big foreign city.

i hope you never lose that feeling like i did and continue to find something magical in every day.

suituapui said...

Kimchi? I think I'll pass... LOL!!! Gee! For somebody so young, you have very old taste in music. But her rendition of L.O.V.E. is way better than Joss Stone's who sounds like she's constipating or something on this song. LOL!!!

reanaclaire said...

such blisssss..

smallkucing said...


Elin said...

wow..kimchi kimchi...you found it! Put kimchi in your mee...yummy :)

Joanna said...

Sarah :
You're welcome :) Aw, I hope I never lose that deer eyed wonder ...

Hahaha. I do have very weird taste in music, considering I come from a generation of rock blasting young uns =p This is only a glimpse of one of the genres that appeal to me. The rest are a little too eclectic .. perhaps I might post some up once in a while .. hmmm :P

@Reanaclaire :
Hahaha. Bliss indeed :P

@Kathy :
Hehe. :)

@Elin :
I made kimchi soup the other day. Lots of vege, cracked an egg and noodles. Yummy ...

owl_order said...

long time since i last stopped by! sorry but my laptop died some time ago.

sure looks much better than what i used to eat back there in UK lol. bravo!