Thursday, July 15, 2010

Undisclosed desires

At times I sit down and wonder what life would have been if I had chosen the road not taken rather than the path of least resistance. I wonder if life would have been any different if I hadn't stood by and allowed my childhood dreams to flit away on the wings of insecurity. Perhaps I would have loved a life flirting with risk and dating danger. 

After all, Master Yoda says : 
"Do or do not .. there is no try"


suituapui said...

Really nice poem there!

I always tell my students to choose and live their own lives and not be forced into something others one...or just follow the tide...or let the wind blow and let it carry them to wherever they will end up at.

But many/most/all of them do not seem to have minds of their own - they do not know who they are, what they are doing here, what they want and where they are going... Real sad!

smallkucing said...


dr 1/6 said...

so tragic, yet so true.

June.Yeoh said...

the road not taken.
all the IF ONLYs.

Anonymous said...

tats true. ppl r hiding their emotions. mayb they juz dun wan get hurt ...OR... hurt someone they love? So y dun we smile? as long we smile, there will have a little bit spark go into their closed heart.

Joanna said...

@STP :
True ... it's scary being at the crossroads and fighting the inner war of desire and practicality. I do admire those who throw caution to the winds and pursue the dreams they've always had.

@Kathy :

@Sarah :
Yeap :(

@June :
Yes.. the If Onlys and What Ifs will always be a part of life. All we can do is try to reduce their occurrence ...

@Anon :
Yeap . Very true what you've said there :)