Saturday, July 03, 2010


One day years ago, the path of two wanderers in a vast world collided and we were birthed. It's been 4 years of laughs, tears, tempers and joy. 4 years of ups and downs. 4 years on a rollercoaster ride of discoveries and all things glittery and sparkly. 

At the age of 4, a child finally learns how to express him/herself eloquently. Tempers fly, tantrums storm, but laughter is pure, unfiltered, and joy is so very real. Character development becomes evident. A parent starts discovering things about the energetic, bustling toddler. 

This particular 4 year old is :

  • open to cuts, grazes and the healing power of love

  • adventurous, yet trusting

  • trying, testing, at times hard to handle

  • exuberant, playful, inquisitive

  • yours, mine, ours

Time has spread its wings and taken off. We're now 4 years old. 

Here's hoping we continue to grow, regardless of distance, continents and a couple of big blue seas in between.

Happy 48th Bay Bee.



Elin said...

Happy Happy 4th to both of you and many more to come :)))

suituapui said... romantic, and with your mum's blessings some more. LOL!!! Best wishes from me too...

June.Yeoh said...

awwwwwwwww so very very sweet with the mister. happy 4th year! :) i like this all new side of you. more pics of yourself in addition to the great words jo <3

June.Yeoh said...

almost as long as mine. the both of you started in 2006? :)

Malessa Rz said...

So sweet! And so good to know that you guys have been together for soooo long, despite the distance. I salute you that distance have never come in between the both of you! :) It shouldn't be a prob! So keep it up JoJo, may you both have a long lasting and happy relationship together!

Happy 4th anni to you both! :))


smallkucing said...

this is sweet :D. Best wishes ...sampai naik pelamin and ke anak cucu and cicit :p

reanaclaire said...

How sweet!!! So Touched!

Joanna said...

@Elin :
Thank you ! Hahaha.

@STP :
LOL. Well, the parental seal of approval is very very important ! :P Thank you ... :)

@June :
Hahaha. Thanks sweetie. There's a reason for all those pictures. Been nagged at too many times for not having any :P Yeap. We started thereabouts :)

@Mally :
Ah, the distance has always been a huge problem but thank God for Skype and internet! :)

@Kathy :
Hahahahaha. Till that extent? :P Thank you !

@Reanaclaire :
Hehe. Thanks :)