Monday, July 26, 2010

Tramlines Festival

The last weeked, Sheffield hosted the Tramlines Festival, a celebration of music, art and the freedom of expression. Being a great fan of music, I just had to go and have a look at all these wonderful talent in town. How fortunate for me !

Unfortunately, most of the hip events had queues running to the end of the earth, so I gave up waiting for rock concerts and went instead to explore the wondrous food booths near the Eye of Sheffield. Oh food galore !! I shall take a back seat now and let the pictures do the talking ...

Exotic meats from around the world ... I tried the Kangaroo burger. The first and last time ... I kept thinking of baby kangaroos and adorable little creatures ..... urgh !!

A hog getting roasted. Couldn't bear to eat this either :( I should really just go vegan !

Yummy looking meringues ! Too bad I'm not a fan of the sweet stuff ... these looked real tempting 

Olives ! Olives ! Olives ! Of all kinds ! Have I mentioned OLIVES?? haha .. delicioso !

This. Was. Fantastic ! Dutch Pancakes with Baileys and Cream. Oh gosh .. be still my heart 

Tartiflette : A potato and bacon dish. Supposedly and Alpine favourite. Was so-so only though 

The funkiest, gorgeous-est, yummiest milkshake shop ... MadCow Milkshake. They have over 185 different flavours. I had the Jamaican Ginger Cake. Oh boy .. it tasted like blended cake ... good stuff, good stuff ..

And to save the best for last .... 

A really groovy, fantastic band from London. Their rendition of Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams was just feet-tapping, head-nodding, good ! 


suituapui said...

Ya...I certainly would head for the food stalls - who cares about the rest? Muahahahaha!!!

smallkucing said...

gosh the dolly so cute.

owl_order said...

oh how i wish i'm still in UK!

Elin said...

Happy to see you out enjoying yourself .....wish I could be with you ....awww those deliciousness ....crocodile burgers and kangaroo burgers I will indulge though :p

Josh said...

i want some roast hog !!

Joanna said...

@STP :
Hehehe .. the food was good ! It was it was !!

@Kathy :
Yea ... very cute eh ?

@Wen Qi:
Come again when you do your postgrad ! :p

@Elin :
Yeap. :) The exotic meat not my kind though ... urgh

@Josh :
Hahahahahahaha .. Doesn't it remind you of someone ... or something ..? :P