Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Asymmetry of Interdependence

It's the weekend yet again and I'm back for my now once a week posts. Friendships, bonds and interdependences are never fair, never symmetrical and I guess there comes a point where you just have to try to balance yourself upon the sharp ridges, concave dips and jagged terrains of relationships .... 

Yesterday was a swell day. Left early in the morning ( or relatively early for a weekend...:P ) to go marketing for goodies to cook for dinner. It's been an almost weekly ritual now for a few friends and I to gather around for dinner every Saturday, good to give a twist to my almost staple diet of sandwiches and salads ... 

Awesome roasted chicken 

Shallots, soy sauce and iceberg lettuce .. ah, tastes like home

And I made bruschetta ! Sauteed chestnut mushrooms, peppers, and garlic toasted on crisp baguette liberally spread with herb butter topped with mozzarella .. see mum, I haven't blown up any kitchens yet :P 

This on the other hand was just plain awful. Had to add lots of lemon juice in it .. 

And that's a wrap folks ! 

I hope you guys had a good weekend ! 


Elin said...

Boy! that was one scrumptous meal you have prepared with your friends. That's my gal after all. Well done! That bruschetta especially looks delicious...I am so happy that you can cook so I can relax for now :)))

Sen said...

Wow. Look at the food prepared. I'm like ~*drooling*~....

June.Yeoh said...

JO you can cook well!
Whats bruschetta? sounds complicatingly delicious! Can i come for food tasting? pretty pls joooooooooooo :)
hugsss dsweetie

suituapui said...

Yum! Melissa cooked soy sauce chicken the other day - will be in one of my posts coming up. Bacardi? That's liquor. Rum. You're supposed to mix a bit of it with Coke and add a slice of lemon...

reanaclaire said...

wow.. u really ah.. luring me and your mom to go there one of these days.. happy makan-ing, girl!

smallkucing said...

looks good enough :D

Joanna said...

@Elin :
Hahahaha .. the bruschetta was yummy with buttery innards :P

@Sen :
Hehehe .. you can drool more. :P

@Juney June :
Bruschetta's actually just toasted baguettes with a topping :P Complicated name for a really simple dish actually. Hehe. Sure you can come ! The more the merrier.

Ahhh. I wanna look out for that soon! Ya, the 'Bacardi' was actually a premixed cocktail containing Bacardi. With only 4% alcohol it really tasted like bitter orange juice :(

@Reanaclaire :
Hahahaha. Come la ! Then we can bergembira bersama

@Kathy :
THank you !! For always stopping by and supporting

Anonymous said...

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