Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wow, it's February 9th and I've been unforgivably lazy...So, despite the fact that I don't really have much to say, I shall still blog !

Today was as mundane as ever. All we did today was sit there swatting flies..except for the occasional irritating customer, today was pretty much boring....

It can't be denied that every once in a while you get really nerve-wrecking, patience-testing customers whose main aim in life is being a pain in the arse. Today, a deceptively 'sweet' customer came up to the cashier's counter and asked for a coupon to purchase a baguette. Naturally, you have to pay for it first before leaving the counter. Like duh! So, when i very politely requested her to pay, her mask of gooey sweetnesss cracked a tiny wee bit. Unfortunately, when i dealt myself the death blow of naming the price of the baguette, her face transformed from angel to the angel from hell in a nanosecond. To the horror of everyone else, she screeched like an evilly possessed banshee and literally flung the coupon in my face ! Gosh, that was classic I tell you. I was torn between wanting to laugh at the said customer's idiocy or cry from the embarassment at the same time. For pete's sake, squealing at cashiers ain't gonna make no prices go lower, honey.

Oh, I bought two lovely pairs of earrings today !I only planned to buy one but then i saw others and i got carried away.I would have bought more if Kim hadn't stopped me. I was like.."Oooh, i've gotta get this," and then a moment later..."Oh, look at those beauties" and a second later..."I'd die if i don't get this too"...:P They're absolutely fabulous. To.die.for. And they're now mine..muahaha..And I'm planning on getting a short denim skirt and match it with a denim jacket.Ooh lala..the temptations of clothes and fashion. haha...that was pretty bimbotic but wat's a gal gonna do if not drool over pretty clothes and itty bits of fabric that cost too much and function too little.

Okay, I've done my round of crapping for today. Tiil more nonsense lays it's sticky yet inevitable hand on me, I've gotta go catch up on some dreams.

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