Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ok,today sailed by just as uneventfully as always. Woke up early to go let some doc poke around my teeth. Was tired when i got back, but i was ever so determined not to go back to sleep. Bad idea. By 4 in the evening, I was nothing but a jellied zombie. Still, I presevered. Sleep was ever beckoning and i was resisting.

Checked my email and whoa, I almost got a heart attack. My mailbox was flooded! And not with those spam whoever-cares-to-read-me mails. Mails from friends and family. Welll, alright, it was mainly my fault anyway. I haven't been regularly checking my mails. So, I set my jaw, and started reading through those mails. 10 minutes down the road, I was still holding up pretty fine. 20 minutes, I had to make myself focus. 25 minutes, my finger's inching towards the little x on the upper right corner...26 minutes, it's official, i give up. There's always tomorrow right? Hehe, procrastinator's creed. Don't get me wrong, most of the email i get are very very amusing but i'm not a email-reading person. I get bored easily. Which probably explains why i babble so much to fill the silence. Like i'm doing right now.

ooh,i have some news. Finally, i've registered for my driving. Well, I'm probably the last of my friends to go get her license but better late than never right? Amidst this euphoria that's enveloping me, there's this little hitch. I have to go sit for a 5 HOUR TALK this Thursday. Great. I'm not a fan of talks. Particularly those talks that involve really boring people droning in this monotonous voice, and you're asked to shut off any form of communication with the outside world and pay attention,cause lo and behold, whatever you're gonna hear today might save your life one day. Right. But nevermind, in typical Joanna way, I'll daydream while pasting this I'm-paying-rapt-attention look on my face. I just hope I don't get those speakers with this not so likeable tendency to start picking out his victims and shooting out questions.Rapid fire.

Besides, I'm going out tomorrow !yay ! And as usual,Dad sat me down for one of his "You've got to be careful whatever you do" lectures. Dad, I'm NOT going to die, I'm NOT going to get kidnapped,or robbed or whatever else you're processing right now. People go out shopping with friends everyday and arrive home safely after that. In.one.piece. No biggie. I hope.*crosses fingers*

Ok, these past few days, I've been perpetually tired.It's as if all those lost hours of sleep are catching up with me. No amount of sleep seems to be able to satiate me. I'm the girl who used to get by with a meager 3-4 hour sleep. Now, I'm sleeping like a babe and it's not enough. Must be my age catching up with me...hmm...ok, even as i'm typing this, my eyelids are drooping and my brain's kinda fuzzy. So enough crapping on my part.

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