Saturday, February 18, 2006

Back !

I can't believe it, the last time I updated was 10 days ago ! And i can swear it seemed just like yesterday when i was still hankering away at the keyboard. Whatever it is, after a hiatus of more than a week, I 've finally succeeded in dragging my lazy bum to sit in front of the computer and blog away. The problem is, I have so many thoughts running through my head right now,but unfortunately, they don't stay long enough for me to pen them down. That probably explains why my posts so far have been broken and full of crap.

Valentine's Day came and passed not the way I envisioned it to be. Not that I've got a hot date or anything, but a few days before Valentine's Day, something really bad happened.Something that broke my heart beyond anything else. To add to the pain, a new found friend of mine resigned a day before Valentine's. He was certainly not at fault considering the fact that all he tried to do was gain justice but I shall not dwell on that.It's funny how sometimes you meet someone new and just when you thought that things were going to be all sun-shiny and jolly, the world comes crashing down on you with the mercy of a tsunami and sweeps away whatever dreams you were silly enough to ever have. Ships passing in the night I should say.

Out of the horse's mouth, working ain't all a bed of roses. Of course, like everything else, it has it's moments. And of course, it provides a legal source of cash. Sometimes, when I have a moment , I sit back and watch the world sort of pass by, and I'm suddenly arrested by the thought of what's going to happen to my future. I see successful career women come and have their little luncheons and I wonder, "Will I ever be like that?". It's funny how life seems to go on around you but your own life seems to be totally out of hand, at a standstill whilst time whizzes by.People expect a lot out of me, but am I able to live up to their expectations?Right now, I'm confused,uncertain and totally hating someone. Someone whose lack of common sense and tack 'radiates' and emanates through 'it's ' very pores.

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