Friday, February 03, 2006

The mystery of the missing covers

After a hiatus of two glorious days, I went back to work today. And thank God, the crowd weren't the same killer hungry ones i left behind on Tuesday. *phew* Basically it was the same old routine today, the only difference being that today i only cleared one table! As compared to the zillion tables i used to 'polish' when i first started, today was great !

Two new guys joined the crew today. Nothing much to say about them really. Right now, my workplace is kinda dominated by guys.... But on the whole, it's nice being able to talk to someone who at least speaks English. Not thatI have anything against Cantonese, but it's no secret that I'm a full-fledged "banana person"...if you don't know what banana means, it's just that the banana's yellow on the outside but white on the inside. That's likened to a chinese (yellow) who speaks English and nothing else(white)...

Something really funny happened at work today. At least it seemed funny to me.Before i embark on a lengthy dissertation of this grandmama's tale of mine, let me first give you some background info about my employer. With all due respect, she's still my employer but that doesn't mean she has the best memory around town. She muddles my name with that of my co-workers, and keeps forgetting who's who and who does what.

I digress. Back to the story,you know those plastic covers you put over the paper cups when you but drinks? Well, we ran out of it today and so we told the boss. She was at the 'crime scene' in seconds !
Boss: What happened to the covers?
Me: I don't know, we ran out of it i suppose...
Boss: Impossible, I'm sure I saw at least two rows yesterday, they were in a white plastic bag!
Me: Well, I was off yesterday, so i really don't know.
At this point she was already all over the place, pursuing the 'mystery of the missing covers', mercilessly interrogating anyone unfortunate enough to be in her path. After about 10 minutes, our star detective came up with her brialliant conclusion.
Boss: I'm 100% positive that the covers have been stolen. No doubt about that. Those lowly
scoundrels !
Me: Madam, who'd want to steal those plastic covers? What use would they be to anyone?
Boss: Don't argue. of course people would steal them. Some people are like that.Look, someone
took the plastic bag too. Urrgh.....sigh, you'll never understand..
Yea, maybe i'll never understand then.

Now that i think about it, maybe she's right. Maybe someone did steal those covers. Well, these days, times are so bad maybe there are a few poor souls desperate enough to steal those plastic covers and use them as plates maybe.Or maybe, as Chinese New Year decorations, or stapled together to make new, contemporary 'ang pows'. yea.I mean, with so many more expensive, more valuable, more use-able stuff around, like porcelain bowls, plates, cups,nice glass bowls and other utensils, a bag of plastic covers certainly comes off as more valuable. With that, I've come to a conclusive end regarding the mystery of the missing covers.

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