Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Attitude Check

I'm thoroughly pissed off right now. A volcanoe just waiting to erupt. The lava in me is way past it's boiling point. Why can't people just mind their own fricking business? Is it because they like to keep 'busy' ? Poking their snouts into other people's affairs. Damn irritating. Today was an 'eventful' roller-coaster ride at work. It started out fine really. Up until 'baby napkin' made her inevitable presence. There she was, making her stink evident in every thing she did. And to think that she almost caused me to erupt in a raging torrent makes my blood boil even more. She didn't even take the 'courtesy' to subtly backstab me. Not that that would be any better but I'm just too ticked off to care. Sigh, the things one will do to obtain an object of desire.

Onto another subject, I wish characters don't change so fast. I wish peer influence never existed. I'm extremely dissapointed in the turn of events involving someone who mattered. I nvere thought that person could have been so weak to forget the many values that have been painstakingly ingrained thoughout childhood. Honey, being 'cool' and distant ain't cool AT ALL. If some messed up individual told you that, then I'm sorry that you simply fail to see through someone's character. Whatever it is, reticence and being cold are two separate very different things. You're reticent when you know that you don't have something smart to say or that whatever you're going to say isn't going to make a difference anyway. YOu're cold and 'cool' when you want to get on someone's nerves at the same time making an ass out of yourself.
That said, I'm off to let off some steam.

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