Monday, June 03, 2013


I once met a person named Round. Round started talking at a really young age. And thus a future was declared. “Scientist ! Nobel Laureate ! President ! “ , big dreams drawn for a tiny babe whose first words happened to be longer than the typical monosyllabic garble. 

Growing up in a culture where imagination has limits, and dreams are reined in by reason, Round slowly unlearnt instinct. In the balance of life, duty outweighed passion, and burdened by the weight of expectations, Round met accomplishment after accomplishment, only to feel lighter with each one.  Springs bloomed, and autumn leaves fell, and Round sank deeper into the cushions of complacency.

Until one burning summer, when Life bumped headfirst into Round, tackling him to the ground without so much as a “Hidey Ho! “ for greeting. And the precarious balance Round was so used to got thrown out of sync. For the first time in years, Round lost the handlebars of Plan Bs and the safety nets that came with “Walking the Safe Line”. His instincts no longer what they were, he rummaged for the Beginner’s Manual to Life and realized too late that it started with the line  “Rule#1 - Never trade your curves for rigid corners.”

Most of our lives are marked with attempts to fit in, not realizing that sometimes we’re forcing square pegs into round holes. The thing is, when you look back at the road traveled in life, the events that stand out are not the ones in which you fit in seamlessly, they were the ones when you stuck out like a sore thumb. The times when you were brave enough to leave your passions vulnerable. The times when you were courageous enough to be afraid in a lonely walk, than be comfortable in a mundane march of many. The truth is, we are organic. We are flexible, we expand, we absorb, we change. The truth is, we are all round. 

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