Friday, June 07, 2013

The Clothes She Wore

Another day, another costume. The plethora of masks mocks, and the fashionable Opinion of Others costumes lined up goadingly. “Enough is enough” she mutters.

“You’re not gonna pull this off. They’ll talk “ says the snide reflection in the mirror.

With that, and a rebellious jerk, she rips off the hazy veil of self-esteem. Through her fingertips, fragile lace and tulle crumbles, scattering the floor with fragments of esteem built on the foundation of The Others. She rubs off the stain of shocking red on her lips, the false bravado and pretend worldliness. They have to see. They’ll learn to accept this face, the one with the eyes too trusting, the slight overbite in the awkward smile and the stubborn tilt of determination. She grins, and in the freedom of a fresh faced child, a faint dimple winks back.

She gently peels off the fussy collared top, along with it’s choking rules. Gone are the harsh layer upon layers of self-expectation, replaced instead with the positive pearls of wisdom.

She unhooks the heavy belt of Second Thoughts, and replaces it with a slim silver one. Hope.  The heavy, frumpy wool pants of responsibility is replaced with a flowery skirt of youthful expectation. Unlike its predecessor, this one lifts in a perfect circle when she twirls. It is not constricting, it is whole.

Ready at last to head out, the Heels of Society and the Boots of Thoughts skip her attention. Instead she reaches out for the Soles of Adventure. Sturdy comfortable shoes made to walk through life’s slippery slopes, sealed with the glue of confidence and the seams of self-assurance.

Ah yes, it’s going to be a good day ! 

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