Monday, June 17, 2013

Storms make trees take deeper roots

Don't think I don't see what you're doing. You think it's self-preservation, but really darling, all that sitting around in broken glass spells nothing but self destruction. What you're doing, is wallowing. 

You may think that you've gone through tough times, learnt a lot from it, but your experiences are not unique. What you need to do is unlearn everything you thought you knew. You'll never learn from a cluttered mind, the same way you'll never learn from a cluttered whiteboard. Clear out everything and start on a blank slate. 

Right now you think it's impossible to trust again. Those trust issues you had, this person was the magnifying glass that made it all seem worse. Never let this be an excuse for you not to let others in. There is a difference between being naive and being distrustful. One keeps your eyes and heart open, the other, keeps the door shut. Keep looking, one day you'll find that kindred spirit. You'll recognize this person from the same curious wide-eyed wonder you'll both have. 

You may think you don't know your talents, your passions. But there was once when a light ignited this ethereal burning desire in you. Find that spark again. And when you do, hold on to it, and share it ! Share it to ignite someone else's fire, share it to share your message of finding hope again. 

Always remember that when life pushes you into a corner, there is something within you that has the capability to push back. And push back harder ! Do it. Because the people who love you unconditionally deserve better. Because you, deserve better. 

Inner Voice 

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